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ถังกรองชนิดแขวน combo set Soliflow




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ถังกรองชนิดแขวน combo set Soliflow

  • สนใจสั่งซื้อและติดตั้งติดต่อ 0657595919
  • ID Line :luiios79
  • Decription: Skimmer Complete set with Filter Bag & Pump & Controller
  • Filtration fi nesse = 20 μ with cartridge
  • Unrestricted positioning of the return fi ttings and
  •  the underwater light
  • Flowrate: 11 m3/h
  • Pump: 1 HP.
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Phase: 1
  • Made in France

**For pool: 66-80 m3

    • Features:

    • Filtration fi nesse = 20 μ with cartridge

    • Filtration surface area = 6.9 m² with cartridge

    • Unrestricted positioning of the return fi ttings and

    •    the underwater light

    • Glass fi bre reinforced acrylic housing

    • Dimensions in mm: W 400 x L 800 x H 100

    • Weight = 22 kg

    • Timer and transformer 300 W

  • Complies with EC standards, C15-100

  • Total silence

The Solifl ow fi ltration unit features an air-cooled pump (no fan), it discreetly fi lters the pool water without disturbing
your haven of peace and relaxation.
Furthermore,  positioning of the return fi ttings is unrestricted. You can capitalise on this feature to select a position
that optimises mixing, and hence purifi cation, of the pool water

  • Absolute discretion                       

Seamless integration
Installed below the deck, the SOLIFLOW fi ltration
unit is totally hidden from view. The continuity and
purity of the deck lines are preserved: an aesthetic
advantage that cannot be ignored when selecting
your fi ltration solution

Non-contractual document. Data is provided for information purposes only and may be subject to modifi cation without prior notifi
 cation. Copyright protected. Do not litter. Created by: Groupe PROCOPI (07/ 2008a)

  • Equipment:

top quality!
Made of injected
impeccably fi nished.
Solifl ow’s outer beauty
is not skin deep,
this fi ltration unit
incorporates numerous
attractive features:
 An air-cooled motor
(exclusive). No fan, no
noise and the water even captures a few precious heat
 Automatic water level regulator that compensates
water loss due to natural phenomena, such as
 The pump is oriented vertically so water cannot travel
up to the motor, the pump cannot de-prime.
 Solifl ow pumps are designed and manufactured
according to state and industrial standards.  
This guarantees quality

  • Filtration:

cartridge quality
Solifl ow is fi tted, as standard, with a large capacity
cartridge. This reusable fi lter media provides incredible.
autonomy between cleanings. The cartridge provides a
fi ltration fi nesse of 20 microns, water immerges crystal
clear. Disposable fi lter bags are available for use at the
beginning of the season, or during the winter.
Unique and practical.

  • Operation:

safe and reliable
To guarantee top quality
, Solifl ow units are systematically
pressure  tested  in  the  factory.  Electrical  and  mechanical  
components are inaccessible to children, installed under a
cover that is locked with a key.

  • Energy:

spectacular savings
The  pump  position  (patented)  removes  the  necessity  
for  suction  lines,  and  hence  the  associated  load  loss  
that is a feature of other fi ltration systems.  Solifl ow thus
optimises  motor  performance  and,  as  a  direct  result,  
cuts energy costs by 30% (while maintaining a fl ow rate
comparable to that of a traditional fi ltration system).





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