Astralpool Maxim 3.5HP 380V Flowrate: 56(m3/h) In/out:3inch




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ปั๊มสระว่ายน้ำ Astralpool Maxim 3.5hp 380v
Maxim Series pump

  • Spec
  • Band: Astralpool
  • Model: 08003
  • Series : Maxim
  • In/out:3inch
  • Flowrate: 56(m3/h)
  • Head: 10m
  • HP: 3.5
  • Voltage: 380
  • Phase: 3
  • Manufacturer country: Spain
  • QTY: 1year

High-performance pumps for public swimming pools Optimum performance, corrosion free

Astralpool Maxim

Large-capacity, easy-open prefilter 8-litre prefilter made of polypropylene, a material that endows it with rigidity and greater resistance. It also incorporates a standard key to facilitate opening.

High performance and ease of maintenance

The self-priming, high performance Maxim pump has been developed for use in public swimming pools, and the high-resistance technical plastics used in its manufacturing guarantee a longer working life. With a design adapted to the requirements of the public swimming pool, the Maxim is made entirely of technical plastics. The Maxim pump also incorporates a prefilter with a capacity of 8 litres. The prefilter is replaceable in all the models and has a standard key to facilitate opening. The available options, all three-phase motors, are 3.5hp, 4.5hp and 5.5hp. The motors have working voltages of 230V / 400V and can tolerate assembly options of +/-10%. The Maxim has a self-priming capacity of 1 m.c.a. The Astral Maxim pump has obtained the mark GS, given by TUV Product Service.
Astralpool Maxim
Complete insulation from corrosion We have achieved complete insulation from corrosion and high temperatures thanks to the use of AISI 316 stainless steel in the parts in contact with water and of aluminium oxide in the mechanical seal. The Class F motor guard enables it to tolerate internal temperatures of up to 155ºC.


• Materials Diffuser body made of polypropylene and the impeller made in Luranyl ®.=>bestow great mechanical resistance at high temperatures. The motor shaft and all of the metal parts in contact with water are made of AISI-316 stainless steel. The mechanical casing also incorporates AISI316 stainless steel and aluminium oxide on nonmoving parts, material of great purity, which gives it resistance to pressure and temperature.
• Motor Eurotension motor with IP-55 protection and class F insulation. Double insulation around the motor shaft to protect against spurts of water.
• 2RS Bearings These seals are protected by two sealed plates made of platen-moulded rubber, which prevent the intrusion of solid particles into the bearing. This kind of bearing makes it possible to work in wet environments and at high temperatures.
• Accessories Includes 3" connection fittings for suction and propulsion in the pump unit.
Astralpool Maxim 5.5HP 380V

Astralpool Maxim

Astralpool Maxim

Astralpool Maxim






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